Student Immigration

Student Immigration

DC Metro Immigration Law PLLC represents all type of Student immigration clients including F-1, Change of Status, Reinstatement, Motions to Reopen, OPT issues, and others.


DC Metro Immigration Law PLLC has represented all types of student immigration matters including:

– F-1 (Change of Status to F-1, Be Careful if Changing from Visitor to F-1, Call us to learn more!)

– F-2 (Spouse and Children)

– Reinstatement

– I-290B Motions to Reopen

– Reinstatement Denials

– Request for Evidence (OPT, Reinstatement, Change of Status)

– Change from F-1 to Other Statuses

– Employment Authorization (OPT)

– Notices to Appear (NTA)

– Removal Proceedings (due to SEVIS termination or other issues)

– School Closure related Issues

– Revalidation

We are always working with students on many types of issues, call us to see how we can creatively help with you situation.

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